Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey Bloggers,

We have 4 weeks until school ends. Everybody is trying very hard to get their Passion Projects and E maths group are getting to the finishing stages of their maths projects.

My Passion Project is well under way. I only have to type some things and put together my diorama which won't be to hard then I'm done.

For the presentation of my P.P I am doing some audience participation stuff. Because my project is on the brain and the senses, I am going to get different flavours and put them on different parts of the tougne. You shouldn't be able to taste the flavour if it is on the wrong part of the tougne.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Term 4 Update

Hi Bloggers,

It is the Book Fair and Art show time of year again. The hall looks amazing and L is really working hard to get it done for tonight. It has pictures of every thing we have done at art. Well, not every thing but most things. The Book Fair also looks really cool. There is heaps of books there that I have never seen or heard of. I bought a book called "FlitterWig". It is about a girl who meats a pixie and has to save a magical fairy kingdom called"Magnus".

Well, thats all for now Talk later


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Passion Projects

Hello Bloggers,
It's the first week of term four and we have started our brainstorms for a Passion Projects. Mine is all about the Human Brain. If you know anything interesting about the human brain please leave me a comment telling me what it is you know.
In term three our theme was the Beijing Olympics. At home we had to collect articles and pictures about something to do with the Olympics. I did mine on Sally McLellan. She won silver in the 100 metre hurdles. Other people did theirs on Steve Hooker, Stephanie Rice, Badminton, Egypt etc. Everybody learnt something about their chosen subject.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back at School

Holidays are over and school is back. Our teacher L is taking Long service leave so we have another teacher(and guess what she is an L too). Now to tell you about my holiday. On my holiday I went to Queensland. I went to Sea world and Movie World. At Sea world I went on the Corkscrew which is a roller coaster that does a triple loop. I also saw Waterski Wipeout. Waterski Wipeout is a water ski-ing show. At Movie world I went on a rolller coaster and on the Wild West Falls. The Wild West Falls is a 60 metre drop with water so at the bottom you get a big splash. Well, I hope you've had a good holiday.
Bye... for now

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Measuring with finger Knitting

If you have been reading my blog lately I mentioned something about Finger Knitting. In maths later that week we got our Finger knitting and did a poster about it. I measured my finger knitting and it was 3.01 meters. We had to get an A3 sheet of paper and write down the measurement and things that we measured with it. I measured the height of the whiteboard and I helped my friend measure the width of the door and the white board too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All about maths


This post is all about the maths that we have been doing. Lately we have been doing measurement and a bit on decimals. The newest thing we have done is measurement. This is what we had to do:

1} We had to draw a landscape with things that we could measure with a ruler.

2} We showed our work to a teacher then we got a piece of red string.

3} We then had to put our piece of string around the object we were going to measure.

4} We cut the piece of string to fit the object.

5} We glued on the piece of string.

After we had finished our measurement picture we did finger knitting.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anwers for your questions

Dear E,

Yes I am excited about blogging and i do have somethings in mind that I might write about.

Hi Marg and Graham,

My Make A Difference project is about Friends and Family. My group is doing a diorama with real branches and flowers. I have to find out how people make a difference and find out how you can. I hope that is a good enough explanation because i dont know how else to explain it.

Hey Timonthy Takemoto,
I think it is really great how you get your students to write in english. I think it should help them alot.

Bye everyone I hope that your questions